Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions and answers we receive, please check first if any question you may have has already been answered before contacting us.

I have forgotten my user name and/or password?

Please re-register your details by selecting the "Register Now" button.

I am expecting an email to confirm my appointment but it has not arrived?

Please check the spam folder as sometimes these emails are diverted by your email application.

I have tried to book an appointment but there are none available?

We have a limited number of spaces available each day and these slots are released on Friday afternoons. If no slots are available this will mean that they have all been taken and you will need to login again with your username and password on Friday afternoon to arrange your appointment. We are intending to release sufficient slots each week so there should be some choice. Occasionally we are unable to provide a service due to staff annual leave and we will post these updates on the website

Do I have to drop off my sample, or can my partner do this?

Someone else can drop off your sample, provided the sample pot and request form are completed in full with your name, date of birth, GP details (if the sample has been requested by your GP), time you produced the sample and number of days since your last ejaculation.

How long do I have to abstain from sexual intercourse or ejaculation before the sample day?

You should abstain from sexual intercourse and ejaculation for between 2 and 5 days.  If you have abstained for more or less than this, the result may be invalid.

My GP requested the analysis but the result is not yet available. When will it be issued?

We send out the results by post on Mondays so the results should arrive at the surgery towards the end of the week. If you contact your surgery for the result and are informed that it has not arrived please remind them that the result does not arrive electronically but through the post. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to analyse your sample we will feed back this information to you directly. 

I have been asked to provide a second sample, how do I book this?

Please login with your existing username and password.

I have been asked to provide a second sample, why is this?

Occasionally it is not possible to obtain all the required information from your first sample, we will therefore ask you to provide a second sample.  Please do not worry about this.

I was not given a specimen pot. What should I do?

You should have been given a sterile specimen container when the appointment was arranged with the health professional. If that did not take place you should either:

Contact the health professional who arranged the analysis to collect a pot.

Purchase a sterile specimen container from your local pharmacy.